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Now, there are various methods of completing tasks to earn an extra income online that can still be an option for some of you. Mainly, these options are best for those who are looking for an extra income on the side of a normal job. I have tested these methods myself and they include:


Completing surveys (sharing your opinion)

This is something that thousands are doing at this very moment as a side income. A lot of students are doing this to get some extra money, and elderly people are usually keen on doing this as well, as you can do it from the comfort of your home, at your own pace. Sometimes you can also choose what kind of surveys to complete, based on your personal interests. Let’s say you’re into shopping or TV, then you could be doing surveys about television shows and shopping brands. There are many survey companies to choose from, some are better than others.


Copy-and-paste methods

There are some opportunities online where you will carry out simpler ad jobs in exchange for money. Hence, you will usually get paid for each “task” or “campaign” that you carry out. After a while, you might get bored of this activity since it tends to be a bit monotonous. I got tired doing it, but I still wanted to share this approach since you can make money from it if you want.


Being a “social media manager”

If you are comfortable and familiar with social media already, then this option could be a good fit for you. There are a lot of companies and busy people out there that need to have a presence online, but they do not have the time or practical knowledge on how to manage and update social media profiles and accounts. Now, if you have that time, know-how and practical experience from different social media platforms, then you can actually get paid by updating and running social media accounts for other people or companies. Sometimes they pay by the hour and sometimes by the number and quality of updates etc. There are people who make a full time living by doing this as well.

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Making money with YouTube videos.

YouTube has become such a major player on the internet that the number of visitors using it every second is beyond our imagination. This means that YouTube has also become a place of business, in various ways. The easiest way for you as a beginner to make money on YouTube is by creating a channel and uploading videos to it regularly. Even teenagers are making a living on YouTube with this model.

By the way, you don’t have to make videos yourself or be on camera to create a channel on YouTube, there are several ways around this and also different options on how to monetize your channel. I am making good money myself doing this and the best way to get started generating an income on YouTube is by going through a training program that shows you everything, there are many courses on this that you can find online.

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Get paid to write

Do you have good language and writing skills? If so, there are a growing number of platforms online where you can get paid to write. The writing tasks usually consist of writing articles, eBooks, reviews and blog posts etc. You can most of the time chose to write about topics that you find interesting or have some basic knowledge about.

Normally you get paid by the amount of words you do or by an agreed upon price for an entire project. If you enjoy writing, then this could very well be a suitable way to make a nice extra income. I did this myself for a period and know that it works well. If you write well, you will also get offered more projects and higher payouts. There are many websites that offer writing jobs online.

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Take photos and get paid

This business method is mainly for those of you that are interested in taking lots of photos with a camera or smartphone and then uploading them online for sale on specific platforms. This is an increasing popular way to earn some extra money and there are an increasing number of companies that are ready to host your photos on their websites as well.

The photos can be on anything from trees, streets, cars and people etc., and you can get paid a royalty every time somebody, somewhere, downloads/purchases your photo online. Note: it doesn’t have to be just photos; it can also be video clips.

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Get paid teaching online

If you are good at something that can be taught, for example languages, writing, math, programming or painting etc., then you can also get paid well by teaching this to people all around the world on the internet. There are several platforms that help facilitate these online meetings and it usually requires some tools such as Skype and a microphone/webcam. If you’re good at English or any other of the major languages of the world, then I would really recommend this option for you.

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Make money with eCommerce

eCommerce is one of the hottest ways to make money online at the moment. Basically, it is about buying and selling different kinds of products over the internet, normally via a website. For example, you can source low-price products from AliBaba (China) and then sell them online to customers in the USA for a considerable higher price. It is even possible today to make the producer send the product to the final customer, with you collecting a good portion of the profit as a middleman. People are making serious amounts of money doing this.

Selling your own services

Another way to make good money online (or very good money!) is by selling your own services. This might sound complicated, but it really isn’t. You can sell simple services like proofreading texts, creating book covers, doing programming, doing voice overs etc., there are literally hundreds of things you could be doing. 


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