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“You are what you THINK.”  These were the words of the great Buddha. Such was his faith in the power of the mind that he was able to conclude that what you think, you become. So how to stay focused in life

Mind A powerful Asset

The mind is a powerful thing to have.  The thoughts that run through your mind shape and become your reality.  You are one huge magnet. You attract into your life the energy that vibrates in the same frequency that your thoughts are vibrating into. If you think negative thoughts, then you will also attract the same level of negative energy. If you allow positive thoughts to flow through your mind, then positive things will also come your way.

The life that you are living now is the product of your thoughts.  Your mind is so powerful that it can create and destroy things at a blink of an eye.  Everything begins and ends in your mind. You can give it the power to enslave you or you can empower yourself to control it.Be mindful of your own thoughts. Learn to select them the way that you would select the clothes that you would wear. You can’t control life from happening but you can control your mind and the thoughts that run through it and once you do, you will begin to gain control over your life.

This article was written for you to help you find your way back to you.  It was written to light your way towards your dreams and aspirations. It was written to give you the courage to regain control of your life.Give yourself the gift of focus by reading this article. Allow yourself to break free from your fears and apprehension.  Learn how to take charge of your life.

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Control your mind

Most of all, this article will show you ten easy and simple ways to control your mind. As you begin to regain control of your life, this article will be your guide, your mentor and your friend.  It will walk you through each step as if you were talking to a life coach yourself. It will help you overcome the challenges that will come your way. It will not just tell what to do to stay focused, it will also show you how.

Dive into this article with an open mind. Allow it to help you gain control over your life. Let it reveal to you the things that are keeping you from achieving your true potential. Let it show you the way towards success, happiness and fulfillment. Allow this article to speak to you. Let it empower you.

You are brought into this world for a reason. Do not let anything or anyone distract you from your true destiny. You are what you think you are. Don’t ever doubt that.  This article will help you see that.

Be Prepared

As with many things worth your time and effort, cementing your focus starts with preparation. It is not enough to state –as a mere forethought –“I am going to focus.”To make this work, you have to write down definite steps you intend to use to become and remain focused. To prepare for the task ahead of you, you should:

Know How You Spend Your Time

 If you fail to account for it (your time), it is easy to think you have spent your time wisely. In fact, upon review, and after discovering how many hours we spend on activities such as watching television or internet browsing, we feel perplexed and shocked.

The reason why these activities ‘do not appear so time consuming’is because such activities are often pleasant, they bombard your senses, and captivate your attention.

Watching Television And Social Media

This means even when there is nothing good to watch on cable TV, you can spend hours ‘channel surfing’. Since you do not actually sit through a full show, you may dismiss that time because according to your mind, ‘there was nothing to watch.’ The same goes for social media: you can spend the whole day watching random clips without noticing the cumulative amount of time you spend on watching such clips or reading various posts. Do not take this to mean there is something wrong with watching television or browsing the internet. No: doing these things is ok. What is not good for your productivity is if you allow these activities take you away from important tasks.

To ascertain if your focus is lacking, ask yourself:

– Were you supposed to complete a task but you spent your time chatting with friends and ended up rushing to beat the deadline?

– Were you and your colleagues or study group supposed to discuss an issue but you ended up debating pointless topics that prevented you from sufficiently covering your goals?

– Did you spend your time on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram instead of finishing your research or assignment as you had set out to do?

Think of all the activities that take your focus away from accomplishing your goals. Once these activities are at your mind’s forefront, write down the amount of time you actually spend engaged in the given tasks. For this purpose, use a journal to track your time usage. Instead of trying to write down everything you do during your day, write down the time you spend working. Whenever you stop working and start doing something else, note this down as the end of your work period. When you begin working again, note it down as the start time and so forth.

Quick Tips

1. Define your daily goals. It’s easier to stay focused on something when you bear in mind why you are doing whatever it is you’re doing.

2-Encourages you to relate your daily activity to significant goals, is highly recommended to Divide each activity into smaller tasks.

3. Choose your moments. Normally you have a high level of energy and concentration at the beginning of the day, which gradually decreases throughout the day.

4. Hang a Do Not Disturb sign. Warn your colleagues in the office or your family and friends at home not to interrupt you during certain time slots. Educate them in talking to you at the proper time, rather than interrupting every 10 minutes.

5. Remove all distractions. Mute your phone and close your email, Internet browser, and social network apps. If you work on a computer, close all unnecessary applications.

6. Organize your breaks. If a task takes an extended time to finish, take a break from time to time in order to recharge your energy batteries.

7. Reward yourself. Give yourself a reward every time you achieve one of your goals. Spend some time doing things you like such as reading the news or your favourite blogs, playing at something, or talking with someone.

8. Create an appropriate framework. Keep your desk clean and tidy, and remove anything that might distract you. Keep everything you might need handy.

9. Balance your food choices. Besides being good for your health, eating right will help you to be more productive.

10. Get enough sleep. In addition to adversely have an effect on your health, lack of sleep negatively affects your clarity of thinking and, therefore, your ability to be productive.

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