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Meaning of Cowardice : Cure Of Cowardice.

Cure Of Cowardice. the condition of lacking bravery, being easily frightened, or being eager to avoid danger

In Hindi

कायरता डरपोकपन भीरुता बुज़दिली

What Is Cowardice ?

“You’re a coward!” How many of us don’t want to hear this? All of us, correct? Whenever we’re facing anything, any dilemma of any kind, we want people to be supportive of us and be gentle with our whining. This is why hearing this comment is never welcome. It just plain hurts. Thoughts suddenly enter our minds about how we don’t deserve to be called cowards, how others don’t seem to understand our struggles, and how insensitive they all are. Well, we hate to break it to you, but this is the real world.

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Overcoming Cowardice

People will always have something to say to and about you. But here’s something you’re probably unaware of—those very thoughts are indeed thoughts of a coward. No offence. A coward is someone who, after all, does everything that he can to preserve his ego. Take note of the difference between protecting one’s self and protecting one’s ego. Cowardice takes hold and gives you the painfully beautiful feeling that distractions and blame-gaming give. It might be, at first glance, understandable.

After all, we’re threatened. Our psychological wellbeing is under fire, and we need to do something about it. Whatever we’re afraid of, we tend to avoid. Fear is a natural response to threats. It’s evolved this way so we can preserve our lives and so we can prevent ourselves from doing stupid things. Fear is the reason why you wouldn’t even dare look beyond a cliff for fear of falling several hundred meters into your death. But fear can also work against us. It’s when we fear things that we shouldn’t fear, or when we grow afraid of change, that’s when fear becomes cowardice. There are a lot of great things that come with overcoming fear and cowardice. It’s helpful to know what fear actually is, as it can help shift things into perspective.


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Now Put a Smile o n your Face

“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile.”―Charles Chaplin

A smile can go a really long way. Thought it is only painted on your face, it is one way to penetrate your being all the way to your heart. More often than not, the tough get going and the going gets tough. And most of the time, things get out of hand and that can be frustrating. When you are frustrated, you feel the stress. And yes, when you are stressed, that’s the time when you feel the fear –fear that you won’t be able to deliver, fear that you would be found insufficient and incompetent, and fear that you can’t really explain at all.

To avoid further problems, you need to pause for a while and smile. If you find no reason to do so, then find and external reason to justify your smile. It can be your family or your crush. You can even stream a funny YouTube video. Or smile for no reason at all. It might sound a bit crazy but based on experience; it can make you feel a lot better because it will calm your nerves. Action Steps/ Key Ideas/ Tips *) Remember that a simple smile can brighten up your day. *) Smile can effectively combat fear, stress, and frustration. *) Find a reason to smile!

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Take a Pause because you are Hurt

“Human freedom involves our capacity to pause between the stimulus and response and, in that pause, to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight. The capacity to create ourselves, based upon this freedom, is inseparable from consciousness or self-awareness. (p. 100)”―Rollo May, The Courage to Create If you truly understand the dynamics of anxiety, then you can easily translate it using a few words.

Those words will be: “Take a pause because you are hurt.”Anxiety is actually a reminder that perhaps, stimuli around you are hurting you too much already to the point that you already need to take a short pause. The most logical step is to stop for a bit and not to stay at that state –staying right there will render you paralyzed. What you need to do is to find where you are hurting to address it appropriately.

The level of severity of the hurt is actually directly related to the scope of the damage. The method and strategy of taking a pause can come in many variations. The following are some of the known ways: having a racing heart, taking a deep and heavy breath, constantly obtaining the feeling of dissociation, and spinning your own thoughts. Feel free to choose whichever you feel to be the most effective. Personalization and customization of ways is something that you should do in order to address anxiety effectively.

Taking a pause is okay because it helps you avoid getting to the peak of anxiety. It is better to stop to address the fears right away rather than suppress it deep within. Suppressing the fear might lead to a much more difficult situation that you can’t handle anymore. Here’s the thing. If your problem truly is anxiety, then you have nothing to fear because anxiety itself won’t hurt you. It is the actions you take after that might hurt you. So regularly take that pause to check where you are really hurting.

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