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We often hear these words, Confidence, Willpower and Motivation; but do you understand what these words stand for? In this, we will look at the difference between confidence, motivation, and willpower in detail to have a better understanding of these concepts. motivation concept

motivation concept

What is motivation?

Motivation is a very broad subject that can be interpreted in many different ways. For a layman, the best way to interpret it is by understanding what a “motive” stands for.  As it is commonly known, a motive refers to an impulse that guides a person’s actions. If the desire is not strong enough, then the person will not bother to respond to it. It will only work if the motivating factor is high enough to elicit a response from the individual. This stimulus can vary on a daily basis and can depend on a person’s surroundings.  

There can be many things in life that can help a person remain motivated. After all, it is quite important to go after one’s dreams and ambitions to make the most of life. However, it is easier said than done. A person is required to have a high sense of motivation to achieve whatever he sets his mind on. 

As mentioned earlier, the stimulus should be strong enough for a person to be motivated enough to take action. In this day and age with cutthroat competition on the rise, the idea of being motivated to achieve one’s deep desires is almost nonexistent. It boils down to competing with others while having to forgo one’s dreams and ambitions. 

What leads conditions worst?

This leads to conditions such as stress and anxiety as the person will not be able to chase after his goals and ambitions and remain caught up in a web of competition. Again, that is not the only place where motivation falls short, as people tend to forgo their dreams in search of material possessions. Although that also can lead to motivation, it may not last long. If you wish to understand motivation on a scientific basis, then you can go through the different theories, which will explain the different kinds of motivation.

Intrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation refers to the one who is inborn. A person can be motivated from within to go after his dreams and desires. A person will remain internally driven without the help of an outside source. This type of motivation is quite hard to generate, as it is not easy to feel internally motivated. The person has to be quite passionate and set himself/herself high-level goals and pursue them to remain motivated. 

Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, refers to being motivated by outside sources. These can be from the surroundings, people, and events that motivate people to attain the best in life. Extrinsic motivation can come from many different places and is not subject to any fixed source. It also greatly depends on the person’s perception of motivation and how he or she interprets it. 


A person can have a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. He or she can be motivated by their surroundings as well as their internal feelings. In fact, it is best to have a combination as compared to just any one of these as he or she will be better able to attain their goals and desires.  If you want to exercise self-control, then you have to develop a strong sense of motivation. You have to understand the basic requirement to remain motivated and keep it in loop.

motivation meaning in English

What is confidence?

Confidence comes from the Latin word confidere, which means ‘to be sure.’ As you know, a confident person is someone who is sure of something that he is doing. He or she is aware of his or her full potential and operates out of surety.  This type of confidence helps a person achieve more out of life. A confident person is someone who does not indulge in self-doubt. He or she is well aware of his or her capabilities and moves forward confidently. 


Let us look at two examples to understand the concept better.  Say two friends are trying out for a spot on their school basketball team. Both of them are equally skilled and can both be selected based on their efforts. However, one is quite confident whereas the other is not so much. The confident child will be able to perform better as he or she will not be under any pressure. He will be quite confident in his abilities and put in a worthy effort.  On the other hand, the child who lacks confidence will put up an effort that is marred by under confidence and pressure to excel. The two will not allow him to put in a worthy effort.

This shows that regardless of whether or not you have the talent to achieve something in life, you will have to approach it confidently. It is your confidence that will help you succeed in life. However, that does not mean you can be extremely confident and attain whatever you wish to without putting in the required effort. You have to have the talent and mix it with confidence to accomplish the best out of life. 

willpower doesn't work summary


Self-confidence refers to having full faith in oneself and knowing that you will do the right thing. This type of confidence is quite important to develop especially if you want to attain the best in life. 

General confidence

General confidence refers to having an inborn confidence. The person need not be influenced by an outside source to develop this type of confidence. He or she will be internally motivated to put on their best performance and attain the best in life. 

Specific confidence

Specific confidence is seen as a precursor to general confidence. A person who is internally motivated will have a good sense of specific confidence. He or she will lay the foundation for general confidence and attain life’s goals. Focused confidence is a good way to enhance one’s self-esteem. 

Between the two, it is more important for a person to have general confidence as it considered as a constant factor that is required to enhance and boost motivation. Even if a person is extremely confident in specific areas, he or she may not be able to attain all that they desire. The only way to have it is by having a strong sense of general confidence. 


It is quite important not to be overconfident. Overconfidence is a situation where a person possesses too much confidence. He or she will not be able to tell between basic confidence and over confidence and end up doing too much. This will start to become an obstruction and prevent the person from reaching their goals.

However, overconfidence is a quality that is mostly inherent, and the most important thing is for a person to stave it off as much as possible. Ego is what mostly drives overconfidence and dictates a situation. The person will not be able to control it and end up giving into his or her whims. The only way of doing so is by remaining alert and making sure that the ego is not taking over. A seasoned person will be able to successfully keep his overconfidence at bay and not allow it to interfere in his life. 

confidence how to build

What is willpower?

Willpower is the next quality that you should develop. As you know, it is quite important to have all those qualities that will help you attain all that you desire in life. You have to be able to combine them together to make it easier for you to pursue your goals and ambitions. 

Willpower, again, is entirely subjective and differs from person to person. Some people can have a strong sense of will-power while others might have it quite low. 

Will power mainly depends on how a person perceives their surroundings and uses it to enhance his or her life. For example, a person can be influenced by an external source and have their will power affected by it. It may rise up or go down depending on the person’s perception of things. 

In general terms, will power is mostly determined by a person’s need to excel. If he or she is motivated enough and garners good self-control then will find it easy to develop a strong will power. 

confidence how to build

Here is looking at some of the qualities that a person with strong will power needs to develop

●    The ability to understand the difference between short and long term goals and be able to pursue them 

●    The ability to override unnecessary temptations and remain on the right path 

●    The ability to not give into temptations and remain calm through any situation 

●    The ability to consciously regulate oneself

These are some of the qualities of strong will power. This varies from person to person. 

It is quite easy to enhance willpower through determination and hard work. A person can increase his will power by putting his mind to it. Through the course of this book, we will look at how you can influence your will power and increase it. 

As you can see, there is an apparent difference between all three. But it is quite important for you to possess a combination of all three in order to attain the best out of life.

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