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How Important is a Website?

Today it is essential for every business to have a well-designed website. Whether you are a writer, artist, run a shop, deals with client, doing business or are engaged in any one of a million other occupations, a website puts you and your products in front of the world. Unfortunately, just having a website is not enough. It must be as good and as accessible as we are here to do it for you.

It will be competing for attention with many, many others: it’s been estimated there are something like 350 million out there at the moment, a figure that’s growing every day. Making a professional-looking site without WordPress can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not web-developer and don’t have piles of cash to burn. But you need not worry, we are here to help you, we will provide you all services in one bundle at most affordable price. Please check out our bundle here

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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the ultimate, open source content management system (CMS), in which any kind of website or blog can be built and managed with. A content management system is a comprehensive computer program that allows users to control content and media, and maneuver them freely to create a system that works best for their needs.

More explicitly, WordPress is a CMS specifically designed for managing websites It permits users to regulate the whole layout, practicality, and content of their web site. This includes every kind of information, like the content of your pages, videos, the colour theme of the web site, and practicality of each menu button, link, and image.

The most important aspect of WordPress is that it is an open source community. Being an open source community means that anybody in the world can create new functionalities and add-ons that work with WordPress. For example, your website may need a form to capture your visitors’ emails. Without an open source community in place that pools together such resources, one would have to create an email function from scratch (and this would require programming).

With WordPress having been around for over 10 years now, somebody has already faced this dilemma and created a solution to address it. Because WordPress is an open source community, that person was able to share their solution with everyone else using WordPress. Not only is WordPress a great CMS, but also the open source community is full of passionate enthusiasts and developers whom have created and will continue to create solutions that everybody can access and easily use
for their own websites.

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What Kind of Website Can I Build With WordPress?

The combination of this powerful CMS and thriving open supply community leads to limitless creation. By using WordPress to create your website, you can create the most simplest of websites or the most intricate.Any website that you have ever visited could and most likely is a byproduct of WordPress. That  being said, you will be able to create any kind of website you need or want. There are endless types of websites on the web today, but the majority of website varieties can usually be classified into categories.

Regardless of your website’s classification, it can be created with WordPress. We will be discussing which functionalities can be used to make each of these websites in the coming blogs. Here are some of the website types you can create with WordPress:


WordPress was originally created as a tool for bloggers, but has evolved immensely since its inception. Many of the best blogging websites have been built for WordPress and any serious blogger looking to build his platform then wordpress is best and easy to use for him.

Portfolio Sites

This type of website is great for showcasing a one's work or portfolio. It's great for artists, musicians, creative agencies, and anybody looking to showcase their body of work in the form of images, videos, websites, campaigns, and more.

E-Commerce Sites

Looking to sell a product online? This type of website is great for selling your physical or digital products online. Enlisting certain WordPress functionalities, one can make a safe billing information system, manage orders, and create product listings.

Membership Sites

If you are Looking to build a membership program where you can grant user certain levels of permissions to use your resources? Want to charge a premium for your content or your products? There are many free and premium solutions and themes that transform your platform into a membership site.

Business / Service

Does your business need a website? Are customers looking for your company online or searching for services that you provide? It's time to capture these customers by creating an easy to navigate website that shares your business’s contact information, testimonials, and other relevant information visitors may want.

Other sites include:

- Classified websites (such as our website bhbujjwalsaini) - Picture and video-centric websites (such as Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr) - Review websites (Yelp) - Any many more… It's important to note that you can mix and match various website types to create a website that encompasses a bunch of functionalities.

For example, you may start by creating a blog, but then later decide that you want to sell products therefore needing e-commerce functionality for your website. You would simply install an e-commerce solution to a new page, and in no time, your website would have both a blog and a fully functional storefront for selling your products.

What Are The Advantages Of Using WordPress?

The most common advantage of WordPress is that it’s very simple to install and easy to use and develop. WordPress is also  search-engine friendly, which helps you to attract visitors to your website. You’ll find that a hard work most new webmasters have to put in to get their sites listed by the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo is achieved semi-automatically by the WordPress software.

If you decide you want to alter the look of your site you can do so in seconds by merely changing the theme. In this, you can add many complicated functions simply by adding a new plugin. WordPress also provides you 100% responsive website on any platform but responsiveness depend on theme you use.

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