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our values


We are a values-driven organization. Our values reflect the thinking of our founder, Ujjwal Saini, who is a major force in shaping the BHBUJJWALSAINI company. Our values has been updated in a large ways to reflect the changing times. He informs both our long-term strategy as a firm as well as the way we serve our clients on a daily basis. We put a lot of effort that reflect as a group on what our values mean to both our work and our customer support.


We strongly focus on technology to empower our customers with the best platforms to manage all your business online with ease!


We strive to provide you an experience that is so simple, that anyone can start own online business in low investment.


We feel that our all benefits of online Business is market expansion to other cities, states, countries and in an entire world. Online business is not limied upto one place you can expand it all around according to your targets and niche.


To make all this come true we believe that investing, needs to be made affordable so we make small bundles for you to start your business online.


We did not believe in making money so we decided to encourage our customers to gather knowledge about ecommerce business which is beneficial for entire life.

our vision & mission

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is a world where everyone must have equal growth opportunities to everyone who is trying to be successful in entrepreneurship. With our Web-Development Service, We also want to provide the guidance of ecommerce and digital business sector to all our customers which always help them to grow in business as well as self-development.

Our mission is to help our clients in digital world to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm by growing there business online that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

We believe we will be only successful if our clients are successful.

Solving the most hardest problems requires the best people. We believe that the best people will be drawn to the opportunity to work on the hardest situation. We build our BHBUJJWALSAINI around that belief only. These two parts of our mission reinforce each other and make our firm strong and sustainable.

ujjwal saini

About Our Founder & Owner

BHBUJJWALSAINI was established in 2019 by Ujjwal Kr. Saini as a blogging website and now he is not only the owner of bhbujjwalsaini (a website development company) but also a certified digital marketer. He also owns A E-Commerce company name as BHB STORE. He is emerging young entrepreneur of just 19 years of age. He born and grew up in Ghaziabad. He completed his 10th schooling from one of the well-known school St. Thomas School Ghaziabad and 12th schooling from Deep Memorial Public School Ghaziabad, after completing his school, He has done Advance Diploma in Digital Marketing And Doing his graduation from Delhi University.

He always wanted to focus on digital world field and so he was working towards that goal he joined digital marketing course after doing 12th for around 6 months he got the certification of Advance Diploma in Digital Marketing and he also awarded with many certificate from google, YouTube, hotspot, Microsoft, etc. Working toward growth and empowerment in business sector is his passion. He also have huge fan base on question asking website called “Quora”.

He is providing his services to small sector businesses and enterprises, but he also felt a need of providing some social services so he also open BHB NGO Trust for supporting well-being.

He Says “I feel many small sector Businessman’s and startup's are not much aware about benefits of digital & online mode of business so I decided to start Web development company for small sectors and startup's in very easy and simple way with proper guidance and knowledge provided by us to our customers so they can take lifetime benefits and grow their business online. ”. Thank You

bhb logo


The BHB logo portrays the symbol of the sharing hands. The sharing hand is all about sharing peace, harmony and love in society to achieve a goal of humanity in the world. Many people are not happy and always suffers alot in life, so we want to provide platform to them, BHB will be there to help them in a success journey.

BHB logo is signed & Designed by the owner and the founder MR. Ujjwal Saini. Use your pain don’t let the pain use you, this is "objective" statement from Ujjwal Saini uses words that reflect a young and daring personality of human being: " strengthening", "revolutionary", "Daring".

"BHBUJJWALSAINI strongly believe that growing business should be easy for Everyone & Everywhere. We want to give you opportunities and platform to grow yourself in the field of Online business with a best customer care support," which further shows how BHBUJJWALSAINI  holds the unique personality shine through business. Here's, the missions statement's success comes when you have belief on yourself & on your work.


Our team is not just our, it's your team. To fulfill your mission, demand, goals, we need best and smart team to serve you better services. We are are value-driven organisation and  believe in our customer's satisfaction so each member in our organisation is expert in his or her area of interest and want to serve best of his ability. Get to know your team below. 



Digital Marketing Executive

team 2


PHP Developer

team 3

Ritesh Singh

Front-End Developer



Our team will happy to help you.... Click below to chat with us on WhatsApp or send us an email to bringhumanityback@yahoo.com or Call us on +918700267110

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