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about team

Our mission

This is the place which is beyond to this selfish word. Here we respect everyone feelings and emotions. Here we are giving 100% liberty to express themselves with full privacy. So please get in touch and connect with our counsellors. We will try to stand with everyone who really required us, with NO monetary purpose. In any part of life

Our Story

Everything has a beginning, So this is also the beginning of one ideology. And this revolution of humanity begins with you.


The BHB logo portrays the symbol of the sharing hands. The sharing hand is all about sharing peace, harmony in society to achieve a goal of humanity in selfish world. Many people are Not happy with this kind of selfish world and always suffers alot, but the BHB will be there to help them along their arduous climb. BHB logo is signed by the owner and the founder of BHB MR. Ujjwal Saini

Use your pain don’t let the pain use you, this “objective” statement from Ujjwal Saini uses words that reflect a young and daring personality: ” braveness,” “revolutionary,” “Daring.” In one sentence, the brand takes us back to the root of why it was founded while also revealing its vision for a better future.

The longer-form version of the mission reads: “We believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket,” which further shows how Warby Parker doesn’t hold back on letting its unique personality shine through. Here, the missions statement’s success all comes down to spot-on word choice.

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